Rebirthing Breath-work

Rebirthing breath-work is a therapeutic technique designed to help people bring unconscious pain, fears, resentments, and negative beliefs into awareness so they can be acknowledged and released. This technique should not be confused with the acting out of the birth experience that is also called rebirthing.

People are conscious and in control of their experience during rebirthing breath-work, which utilizes circular breathing. Circular or continuous breathing means that there are no pauses between inhalations and exhalations. Although this type of breathing is relaxed, it is generally a bit deeper and faster than normal breathing.

Circular breath-work creates a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, or between the body and mind. It brings increased oxygen to the brain and alters the carbon dioxide level there, creating a light trance state where a person can observe what is within them and process it with the therapist, called a rebirther.

Although some people remember their birth experience (being born) during this breath-work, not everyone does nor is it expected. This is not the main focus of the technique.

What Is A Rebirthing Session Like?

Naturally, sessions vary with each rebirther, but generally they consist of:

  1. Exploring the client’s problems, issues, conflicts with the rebirther for 30 minutes to an hour.
  2. Getting comfortable (usually the client lies down) and beginning the breathing technique, coached by the rebirther.
  3. Working with whatever material comes into awareness during the breath-work; this part of the session lasts about 60 to 75 minutes.
  4. For 10 to 15 minutes the client and rebirther review and discuss what took place during the breath-work; this is called integration.
  5. Typically, clients commit for 8 to 12 sessions.

The rebirthing breath-work process is considered by some practitioners to have its own intelligence, meaning a person does not have to understand or analyze the issues that come up to release them.

The rebirther is present to guide the client on the breath-work journey, observe and validate the client’s experience, coach him or her to stay with the continuous breathing and focus on what arises. They help the individual assimilate the experience into their conscious awareness. Rebirthers should be professionally trained and have experience, or be under the supervision of someone who is experienced.

Reasons People Engage in Rebirthing

  • Relationships difficulties or negative, repetitive relationship patterns
  • Stress, anxiety, panic, phobias
  • Feeling trapped, stuck, or generally unhappy
  • Abuse related issues, emotional numbness
  • Poor self-esteem, lack or confidence, depression, lack of direction
  • Living below one’s potential, employment difficulties

Rebirthing breath-work does not regress people. Client’s are in control of what is happening. What happens depends largely on the individual’s state of readiness for the experience. What comes to the surface are issues a person is ready to face and what is still too traumatic to manage remains hidden.

Although safe for most people, rebirthing breath-work is not suitable for those with psychotic symptoms, bipolar disorder, or those on high doses of mood altering medications.

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