The Psychology of Experiences

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The psychology of our experiences, or rather what we feel or think about something plays a huge factor in whether or not we are likely to put our stamp of approval on something, or embrace it for ourselves.  The media has almost made this issue a NON-issue, however, in regard to with the things such as the marital status of a person or their choices within relationships.
So you may question: “Is there goodness in the fact that our society has, in fact, become more accepting of women (or men) who are divorced, raising children on their own, dating with children, trying to balance children and a career and / or choosing to live a single (no kids) lifestyle?” What might a man or woman in one of these situations who lived as an adult in the 40's or 50's say about our current cultural perspective on individuals who are living a "non-traditional" life?
So many of us make decisions based upon what we find “logical” rather than what we find to be the “right” or the “moral” choice. If it’s easier, if there are monetary benefits, if there is less risk... this MUST be the right decision... right? WRONG, of course, but that’s how society may argue it. Our cultural mentality is geared far more toward being “smart” than being “righteous”. Therefore, ask yourself this question:  Isn't it fair to believe that what is righteous *IS* smart?? And if so, how do we interpret what is "smart", and how can we effectively convey this to others we love and care about?
Ultimately, I think it’s of utmost importance to follow your heart and your individual instincts. Don’t let your friends, what you see on t.v. or overhear someone saying on the street influence what you think is right for YOU. We were all created so differently - with much to be appreciative of, right? So take your individuality and use it for what’s best for YOU! In time, you will find that this will ultimately bring you a better chance at true happiness and stability.

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