Guarding your heart

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People today (men as well as women, perhaps) are looking to "guard their hearts" from pain or loss.  The more accurate term might be that they are "protecting" their hearts... but the more accurate idea is that they are avoiding the true practice of guarding their hearts. Guarding one's heart means making wise decisions, even if they are difficult... even if they go against the mainstream, culturally accepted decision. 
In many communities nowadays, there is a large number of people who grow up and develop beliefs about what is common, or expected of them - and therefore, fall naturally into the that pattern, regardless of whether that involves putting themselves and what they know is best for them first. For example, if you are experiencing difficult times in your marriage, you may begin to view the marriage as a bad idea, eventually making the decision to end it, rather than take the time to work toward resolution.  And this decision may be highly based upon the high divorce rates in America that have proven that marriage can be a very scary thing to many young couples today based on the amount of work and determination required to make them successful. Marriage, in our modern society, is less "sexy", less trendy - yet, studies show that married couples are, in general, happier than couples who live together or who are single. So, where might one find THAT social message?
My point is, when it comes to navigating through life, you may benefit from taking a step back and reviewing your own life - what you think, or rather KNOW is best for you and your future. Take the time to review the goals you want to accomplish in your life and then focus on how you may achieve them. Take it one step at a time, and don’t be too afraid of the setbacks or hurt you may experience along the way. Life is hard... but with a positive attitude and undying determination, you can make YOUR life an amazing experience and not feel such obligation to “protect your heart or yourself” from the rest of the world.

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